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Home » Woman – Who Has Not Drunk Water For A Year – Claims Dry Fasting Has Improved Her Health

Woman – Who Has Not Drunk Water For A Year – Claims Dry Fasting Has Improved Her Health

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A 35-year-old nutrition coach and yoga teacher has claimed that she has not drunk water for a year and it has cured her aching joints, puffy eyes, food allergies, bad skin, and digestive issues.

Sophie Partik, from Bali, Indonesia, claims she started dry fasting a year ago which has improved her health.

Sophie says she doesn’t drink water for 13-14 hours every day and only drinks ‘living water’ such as juice from fruit as she is dry fasting for a year now.


Sophie claims the fruits, vegetables, juices and coconut water give her all the nutrients that her body needs.

Sophie had extreme swelling in her face and joints and had puffy eyes. The doctors suggested her to undergo surgery to get rid off the puffy eyes.

But a friend of Sophie suggested her dry fasting.

Sophie said: “Pretty much straight away the puffiness started to get better so I wanted to research a bit more.”

I have been looking for answers all my life and I thought that the universe’s way of sending them to me.”


“Drinking bottled water and water from the faucet actually makes your kidneys overwork and flushes all the nutrients out of your body.

You don’t need water to stay hydrated, it really just makes you feel bloated.”

When she started dry fasting, she realized her body doesn’t need water. She claims she felt better and very energized.

She claims your kidneys work much better if you take a break from the water for a few hours.

She also says that it’s just in our mind that we need water.


She said: “At the beginning it’s hard but then It’s very releasing, it’s the best psychotherapy, instead of eating and drinking I have so much time to focus on other things.

But Sophie believes it’s not for everyone and advises people interested in dry fasting to prepare their bodies with fruits and juices a few days before they start dry fasting.

She says her family doesn’t understand but social media users tell her that she looks much better than before.

She said: “They can see that I work out, I sleep less than them and I’m glowing and feel super energized. I think I look the best I have ever looked.”

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