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Playboy Model Charges ‘Suspicious’ Women $2000 To Slide Into Their Husband’s Private Messages

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One Playboy model says she’s doing other women a favor by charging them ‘only’ $2000 to slide into their husband’s private messages to see if they’re willing to begin an affair.

The model who hails from Spain and goes by the name Carolina Lekker says so many suspicious women are willing to pay her to get the deed done because they fear their partner will fall for it, in the end.

Source: Daily Star

At the moment, Carolina appears to be making a huge fortune by her unique job and she simply doesn’t mind.

This beauty from Barcelona appeared on Playboy Africa too and she once spoke to Daily Star about how she has nearly made $10,000 in the act where she managed to catch out all those ‘so called’ cheating partners red-handed.

Source: Daily Star

However, it isn’t as bad as it seems because the Spanish bombshell says she makes sure she returns all of those women back their cash, in case their husbands pass the loyalty test!

“If they turn me down, that means they’re faithful and their women are certainly going to be getting a full refund of their money from me”- she explained.

Source: Daily Star

Carolina says that it’s not uncommon to find men these days who are willing to risk their relationship for me. But at the same time, on the contrary, there are so many others that are so faithful and not willing to cheat.

“I won’t lie, there are so many men who have fallen in my trap of dirty messages,”- but she says that she can’t help it!

Source: New York Post

At first, this model begins her journey by tracking down the potential cheater via Instagram. Once they respond, she continues to have a conversation with them until it gets hotter. And in the end, if they want to meet her, they’re guilty of cheating.

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