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Man REFUSES To Give Up Seat To Pregnant Woman & Asks If He Was Wrong To Do So

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They say a little common sense and good manners go a long way in life, reflecting how well you’ve been brought up.

This is the story of a man who says he refused to give up his seat to a pregnant woman recently because he was tired. Moreover, the man revealed how strongly he felt that it was not his responsibility to care for others because no one ever cared for him. Therefore, as you can expect, the matter went viral in an instant.

Source: The Sun

The man is now writing to audiences on Reddit about how strongly he feels that he was doing the right thing by not getting up for a woman who was bearing a child.

He went on to add how nobody else got up for her and that’s why he never bothered to do the same.

Source: Tyla

Speaking to the Reddit community, the man shed light on how difficult of a job he has and how long distances he needs to walk to get to his final destination- his workplace.

And since his job is related to standing, this is probably the only time of the day that he would be allowed to sit.

Source: Mirror

But the response he received from others, both men and women, wasn’t quite what he had expected.

People began to bash him, left and right. They felt that was the most selfish thing that any man could have done and he was now guilty of it.

Source: NZ Herald

They even felt he needed to come up with a better excuse next time because was just not good enough.

So, what do you think about the incident? Do you feel the man did the right thing by behaving selfishly in this manner?  Let us know and be sure to SHARE the story with others too.

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